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Michael R. Lawrence
8060 Rexmill Drive, Indianapolis, IN 46227
home /home office 317-222-1449 1-877-286-1028

Executive Summary
Highly Motivated Network Security Analyst, Competent Network Administrator & Engineer,  dynamic & adaptive individual, can motivate teams to complete complex projects using my tenacity, drive for excellence, leadership abilities, & motivation skills to exceed my employer’s expectations & achieve ultimate success.  Project management, asset management, logistics & operations, Windows Unix/Linux Mac & integration of mixed environments. Windows or Unix/Linux (BSD including Mac OS 10) various types of routers Cisco (GUI/Basic Cisco admin.) or Nortel Microsoft Office, Corel, Open Office. Intermediate Spanish & Italian, basic Japanese.   I also know enough to spot common mistakes with auditing tools for Security Threats hidden within ,System configuration, Source code base, to alert programming staff to possible threats before moving a project live.

My Specializations are: Network Administration and Network Security , Windows/Unix, Hardware ,Routers Computer Repair and support. Monitoring the health of the environment  Build, install and configure servers Server Patch management Documentation of Procedures

Generalist : some Website  support/Editing Basic to Intermediate Website Development or basic SQL Server support

Education , Certifications and Training & Licenses
De Vry University  Keller Graduate School of Management, Indianapolis, IN

  • Master of Network and Communications Management : With Information Security  

ITT Technical Institute, Indianapolis, IN


  • Active Certifications & Licensing : COMPTIA A+;  COMPTIA Network+  MCP Windows XP (MCSA Line) 3COM OEM/VAR, CISCO VAR, Corel OEM/VAR


Current Certification Training/Enrolled/Pending Training: Security+(Retake) Linux+   Server + Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator (MCSA) (MCP-70-290/ 70-291 Windows 2003) MCITP 2008

 Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) CCNA Cisco Certified Network Associate.  Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)  Certified Information Forensics Investigator (CIFI) COMPTIA IT Project + COMPTIA CTT+  Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator CHFI International Association of Forensic Computer Examiners CCE

US Army Quartermaster School, Fort Lee, VA    August 1996

Equivalence of an Associate degree in Petroleum Engineering, GPA: 98.5/100


Professional experience Summery

(Involved in IT Industry Since Aug 1997.)

 Smart-source Inc. West Chicago, July 2009– present  IT Field.   Consultant /On call temp

 Repair or service Leased computer systems, Point of sale  , in stall office environments, Installed servers

And satisfied any other Contractual per project requirements 

Smart-source/ Qualxserv / USA Gov’t. Roudebush Veterans Hospital ,Indianpolis,IN   OCT 2009, Installed Lexmark MFP Copier/printer/Fax Machines as per Contract

Smart-source /Insight IT/EDS/ Bank Of America (Sep 2009), Installed Cisco VOIP Phones, And Teleconferencing Equipment Dismantled legacy PBX , Assited in configuration and testing.


Smart-source /Target Corp (July 2009) Installed New Point of Sale Equipment, System Refresh etc, For my Neighborhood Target stores as most Current Contract.


Go-2-IT –Group Lorain, Ohio September 2008- July 2009 IT Field.   Consultant / On call temp

Repair or service Leased computer systems, Point of sale  , in stall office environments, Installed servers

And satisfied any other Contractual per project requirements


Lone Wolf Enterprises, 1-877-286-1028  Indianapolis, IN August 1997–Current

Proprietor & IT Consultant Provided administration Heavy background in Linux; Windows/NT/2000/2003 Server Environments and security audits, Linux Administration.

Build PC’s for clients & provided training on E-commerce, web-site site design, Information Systems consulting, servers installed, LANs installation, and integration services Handled Security threats to Clients, forensic services. Have Installed and configured Various servers and environments and or migration projects.


Have held Several local Corp to Corp contracts with local IT staffing Firms/Or site Firms, Including TRS.

As well for other Outsourcing agencies


Major projects: ITT Capstone (academic) Deploys of Secured wireless networks for 2 not-for-profit Entities. , Help desk, security auditor, Zolrich Group , TRS field projects , IBM Connect.

Have also voluntary  provided IT services to some well known local charities. I have also done many instillations for many large fortune 500 companies (NDA None disclosure) and provided other contracted services through other unlisted partnering placement firms.

Kelly Services  march 2007-current (seasonal) / On call temp

Evaluator : grade student exams;  ISTEP , FCAT, CAT.

TRS: Technical Resource & Research Staffing August 1998-June 2003
Technician assigned to Various TRS Clients for assignments ranging from complete infrastructure installation to mainframe migration, network administration, site repair backup operations complex projects, Novell, Unix, Migrations, Windows, domain migrations/mergers/forest, Lotus notes, web server, email LDAP, directory services migration & emergency recovery operations Administered several mail servers and a domain forest


U.S. Army National Guard, Indianapolis, IN August 1998 –May 1999

 E-3 77F10 Petroleum Engineer.

Performed maintenance on petroleum equipment, tanks, pumps, brumes, pipe-lines & supply operations. Assisted in vehicle maintenance such as tankers. Cataloged & performed asset administration.

(Professional experience Summery  Continued)

U.S. Army Ft. Lee VA March 1996 –August 1996

 E-3 77F10 Petroleum Engineer.

Preformed Training operations for MOS Specification, Performed maintenance on petroleum equipment, tanks, pumps, brumes, pipe-lines & supply operations. Assisted in vehicle maintenance such as tankers. Cataloged & performed asset administration.

Other Employs: McDonalds Corp 7-Eleven Etc., other Part Time work unlisted., Old contracts unlisted.

Professional memberships
 IISFA: International Information Systems Forensics Association
IWA: International Webmaster Association
SME: Society of Manufacturing Engineers

MCP: Microsoft Certified Professional

CWNP: Certified Wireless Network Professional : Student member.

ITT Technical Institute Alumni Association

MCP: Microsoft Certified Professional

Microsoft O.E.M computer manufacturer, Corel OEM VAR., Cisco Authorized Equipment Vender, Creative Labs Authorized VAR, 3-Com VAR, PC. VAR














Skills Addendum

Network Security: Proficiency with IP-SEC, V.P.N. Setups Routing, auditing of databases, hardware & software products, & other factors for network security, White Hat/ Ethical hacking techniques, & tools to keep internal & external threats at bay. Drive recovery, basic forensic evidence logging & recovery & tracing network intrusions. Numerous Security models, Threat assessment utilities, and IT Industry Standard Security Policies or Custom writing them per clients needs.
Network IDS software/Monitoring Suits/ Forensics : Netcat, Ethereal, MacAfee IDS, wireless Sniffers, Kismet Netstumbler, La Brea Cain & Abel Win-Bart-Pe (XP on CD for OEM & pass recovery) John the Ripper, Hydra, Aircrack, AirSnort, Solar Winds, Pwdump, Rainbow Crack, Nesses, SATAN, Web Scarab, Web Inspect, Burp suite, Nikto, Snort, AntiVir, ClamAv, Hping2, OpenSSH, PuTTY, SSH, GFILANguard, Sysinternals-utils, Dsniff, Sleuth Kit/Autopsy Spybot-S&D, Rootkit Hunter, Bastille, eTrust Network Forensics, ADSSpy, X-Ways, NTA Stealth, DriveSpy LADS, CsADSDetecto, R-Studio Data Recovery, Copy Commander, Drive Copy, Ghost, HDClonem, PCISniffer, HDShredder, PGP, GnuPG.
Network Administration: Installation of hardware software, router setup, user profile configuration setup.

Web-server FTP Setup under Windows or UNIX & Novell Platforms, Familiarity with UNIX SQL relational Database systems &, Microsoft SQL database administration. Novell, Windows NT Workstation & Server / Win-2000, Linux, Solaris, BSD,  Setting up Print shares & File servers, GCC DistCC (distributed compiling server for programming staff) directory services, LDAP E-mail. (MS-Exchange, Qmail, Sendmail, Lotus-Notes, Exim, (webmail: Zimbra,SquirrelMail), Eudora, World Mail, Netscape Messaging Server, Novell GroupWise,  Stalker Internet Mail Server) Groupware: GroupWise, Lotus Notes, Zimbra. Monitoring the health of the environment  Build, install and configure servers Server Patch management Documentation of Procedures

Network Systems: Over 5 years experience with network cabling; protocols TC/IP (IPv4 & IPv6), NET-BUI,

 IP/SPX, Routers bridges  Cisco devices 3 Years with voice over IP(VOIP)devices, LAN /                                                           Wan Protocols for VLAN & active bridging &   routing path discovery, OSPF   Rip-1&2, Frame, Relay, ATM, SNA, DNS-(IPv4&6),MPLS,RSVP, MPLS, LDP, SAP,       UPNP, PVC’s, SVC’s, VPN software (proprietary & open sources), file shares Zero-conf Bonjour.

 Software/&/Operating Systems: Windows 95/98 NT 2000/3 XP, Linux (RedHat, Debian, Mandrake, Gentoo, Knoppix (inc. network router flavors)), Unix, SGI Irix, DOS, Dr. DOS, Novell, SCO, BSD, MACOS, XENIX,VAX,HP-UNIX,OS 2, Microsoft, Corel, Lotus, Open-Office X-Windows, KDE, Gnome, GNU-Step Environments, Apache, Send-Mail, Open-LDAP, Web-min, SAMBA, (including emulation of Windows Domain servers & active directory with Linux / Unix), Microsoft Office, Remedy, Oracle Database, Microsoft Active Directory, Novell Directory, Netscape Directory,      Mozilla, Vari-CAD, Corel Draw, Adobe Photo-Shop Dream Weaver, Microsoft SQL, Access, Some scripting bash cshell tcsh  , Nero, Cakewalk,  MS-exchange, Qmail, Sendmail, Lotus Notes, Exim, zimbra, SquirrelMail    Eudora, World Mail, Netscape Messaging Server, Novell GroupWise, Stalker Internet Mail Server
Computer Hardware: PC Servers Mac’s Sun Sparc Cobalt SGI IRIX, industrial computers, passive backplane blade servers, mainframes, Custom Hardware: 3D CAD systems, digital Sound Studio, electronics diagnostic,  Hospital/Medical computers
Router Hardware: Various Cisco, Nortel, Firebox , or Custom build Linux PC’s configured as specialty Routers I/E Red-Wall Firewall or Open-wall or Smooth-wall, and or Other Linux / BSD Distributions.

rebecca’s resume7

Rebecca Ann Bray-Dixon M.B.A.Phone (317) 889-1931

• E-mail

  • To pursue a career as an accountant or office work, where I can utilize my ability that I have learned through my experience to benefit my company.
Special Skills  

  •  General ledger balancing
  • Effectively able to handle multiple task and good problem solving skills
  • Excellent with Microsoft Office.
  • Responsible, organized and able to meet deadlines
  •  Proficient in using databases to…..
  • Ability to work well under demanding conditions
  •  Can work well with others and a team player
  • Excellent verbal, written, and interpersonal skills
  •   General Accounting, General Auditing. Forensic Accounting. General Book keeping
  • Sarbanes Oxley (SOX) Accounting Compliance regulations
  • Business Management, Regulations and Compliance
  • Human resources Accounting & Payroll.


  • Education Certifications And training:
Certifications : Currently Pursuing: CPA Certified Public Accountant  & CFE Certified Forensic accountant, &  CFrA Certified Fraud Auditors (assistance or sponsorship towards Certifications welcomed)


Davenport University Grand Rapids, Michigan Currently Pursuing/Enrolled October 2009 Forensic Accounting Certificate  Post-Baccalaureate Certificate  

Indiana Wesleyan University, Marion, IN

Masters of Business Administration   Graduated August 2009

Specialization: Accounting                           G.P.A.  3.20/4.00                        

Indiana Wesleyan University,Marion, IN     

Bachelors of Science Degree, 2006 

MajorBusiness Management                            G.P.A. 3.53/4.00

Associate of Science Degree, 2004                           

                                      Major: Business Administration

Harrison College Formerly, (Indiana Business College ) ;Indianapolis ,IN

Associate of Applied Science Degree, Business 2001

Associate of Applied Science Degree, Accounting 2001

Honors and Achievements: Deans List and Perfect Attendance

I also participated in Student Committee.







Professional experience

 Bank One/JP Morgan ChaseCentralized ATM Review &Resolution Deposit Analyst,

06/2009              Performed Accounting work such as using a personal computer prepped branch deposits for ATM’s , balancing and General Ledger balancing, Research missing items , verify deposits and checks , Train other employees.

11/06- 06/2009              Loan Servicing Specialist, Commercial Dealers, ChaseTower

              Worked in Microsoft Word and Excel and created a database for loans in New York. Created a database for multi million dollar accounts, emailed customers and talked over the phone for credit approval requirements.  Work in processing for dealers on floor plan processing system which includes advances, payments, transfers, unit maintenance, adjustments and Equity transactions and superior customer service.  Obtain proper approval authority for funding for overline, expired, or ineligible advance requests. 


Clerical Associate, ATM Deposit Processing, Operations

03/04-11/06              Performed clerical work such as using a personal computer prepped branch deposits for Indiana and Kentucky, balancing and emailing missing checks, sorting, filing, answering phones, greet customers and maintain office supplies. I was also responsible for sending out the payments and payment letters. Top Performer in October 2005 and Diversity Team Leader


10/99-02/04              National City Bank, Indiana

              Data Entry Operator, Direct Underwriting Services (Mortgages)

              Operates data entry for many vendors with accounts payable for appraisals, titles, and walk thru appraisals.  Faxed subordinations to companies and paper clipped.  I also looked up customer’s accounts whenever they need to ask a question.

Customer Service Representative, Fountain Square

Sales, referrals, cash handling, check cashing, replenish lobby, and verify new accounts, customer service, telemarketing and balancing.

06/98-10/99                            NBD/ Union Planters Bank, Indiana

              Customer Service Representative,DowntownTower Branch

              Customer service, cash handling, customer complaints, check cashing, daily balancing, and cash advance, and process customer transactions. I was a relief teller for several branches in Indiana.]

Awards received:
Received  JPMorgan Chase Bank Presidents Award 2009
Professional memberships: PASA: Professional Accounting Society of America, Indiana Wesleyan Alumni Association , INCPAS : Indiana CPA Society (student member) , MBA Association , Forte Foundation
TECHNICAL SKILLS  Microsoft Excel, Peachtree, Payroll Accounting, 10 Key Calculator, Microsoft Word, Windows, Word Perfect, Microsoft Access, Typing 40 WPM and Data Entry.

Profile of Rebecca Dixon Mba on kgbpeople

Modeling Auditions & Casting ExploreTalent auditions auditions modeling schools.

By… Rebecca Dixon

&copy copyright 1994-2009

Everytime I see you, I want to look at you.

Everytime I hear you, I want to listen to you.

Everytime I talk with you, I want to kiss you.

Everytime I am with you, you make me tremble with love

And baby, please don’t cry for me.

And baby, please don’t lie for me.

And baby, please don’t die for me.

For everytime I am with you, you make me tremble with love

By… Rebecca Dixon © Copywight 1994-2009

I slept one night thinking of my dream man one day.
It was only in my mind, heart and in my dreams.
I wanted him to hold me until always and forever.
He was more real than my imagination or so it seemed.

I felt his hands as he was running his fingers through my hair.
I looked at him and closed my eyes to say, “I love you.”
He said, he loved me too and you should already know this.
I said, “I just wanted you to touch me since I never know what to do.”

Rescue me lover, until the end of time.
Rescue me lover, please be mine.
Rescue me lover, you know it’s true.
Rescue me lover, I am in love with you.

By…. Rebecca Dixon &copy copyright 1994-2008

All alone in the darkness

I have sat thinking all about you

All in love in my heart

I have sat listening to your heart of truth

Holding your hand every time I can

Is like an unconditional touch

Holding me close in your arms oh yes

Is like a fantasy oh so much

Every time I am with you

I just want to think of your love

Every time I am with you

I just want to think of you oh so much

When you hold me all so close

I want to feel your arms around me tight

When you kiss me on my lips

I want you to keep me within your sight

I am crazy and you know it’s true

Just because I am in love with you

I am never alone because you are there

In each moment of everything I do

Every time I am with you

I just want to think of your love

Every time I am with you

I just want to think of you oh so much

 By.. Rebecca Dixon © Copywrite 1994

pale bkground page floral

pale bkground page floral

You are the flower, I am the vine.
I ove you so much, my heart is divine.
With a heart of petals and a stem of green.
I love you, but the flowers I’ve just seen.

You are the flower, You are the flower.
The roots of me grow all in power.
The leaves of my petals.
The leaves in the meadows.
The dreams I’ve dreamed.
The flower’s radiant beam.

The flower was beautiful shining over the hill.
It was scattered and torn of summer wind chills.
The flower grew and ran us in spring.
With the thorn, I picked up and what it brings.
Then a year later the petals fell off.
I will never forget you, I called you the soft.


By Rebecca Dixon © May 3, 2008

Baby, when I see your face again

You just place me under your spell

So I tell you how much I miss you

And I love you so why can’t you tell

Tell me what you want from me.

And I’ll tell you what I want from you.

Tell me what you want to say

And I’ll tell you what I want to do.

As you listen to your heart

The love has never been the same.

To feel your love passionately

As you whisper my name

I never really understood love

But now I am learning this.

I never really understood you

And now I can’t resist your kiss.

Talking to you and touching you

Your love makes me feel brand new.

Holding you and kissing you

Tell me baby, what you would do?

As we are lying in bed next to each other.

I am the queen of your fame.

To feel your touch over me all over

As you whisper my name.

I looked out my bedroom window.
As it began to rain
I was wishing for happiness.
The rain droplets were on the pane.

I was only five years old.
When I realized my life unfold.
I was hoping that it was not worst.
As my parents lost their home.

WE lived in a three room house.
All infested with mice and bugs.
The neigherhood was filled with drugs.
As there were prostitutes and thugs.

The children were muddy and dirty.
As the parents always push them away.
And they allowed them to fight.
For you never know what to say.

The kids were dangerous.
As they carried guns to school.
You never see the need.
Until the pain is pointed to you.

Rebecca Dixon