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By… Rebecca Dixon

&copy copyright 1994-2009

Everytime I see you, I want to look at you.

Everytime I hear you, I want to listen to you.

Everytime I talk with you, I want to kiss you.

Everytime I am with you, you make me tremble with love

And baby, please don’t cry for me.

And baby, please don’t lie for me.

And baby, please don’t die for me.

For everytime I am with you, you make me tremble with love


By… Rebecca Dixon © Copywight 1994-2009

I slept one night thinking of my dream man one day.
It was only in my mind, heart and in my dreams.
I wanted him to hold me until always and forever.
He was more real than my imagination or so it seemed.

I felt his hands as he was running his fingers through my hair.
I looked at him and closed my eyes to say, “I love you.”
He said, he loved me too and you should already know this.
I said, “I just wanted you to touch me since I never know what to do.”

Rescue me lover, until the end of time.
Rescue me lover, please be mine.
Rescue me lover, you know it’s true.
Rescue me lover, I am in love with you.

By…. Rebecca Dixon &copy copyright 1994-2008

All alone in the darkness

I have sat thinking all about you

All in love in my heart

I have sat listening to your heart of truth

Holding your hand every time I can

Is like an unconditional touch

Holding me close in your arms oh yes

Is like a fantasy oh so much

Every time I am with you

I just want to think of your love

Every time I am with you

I just want to think of you oh so much

When you hold me all so close

I want to feel your arms around me tight

When you kiss me on my lips

I want you to keep me within your sight

I am crazy and you know it’s true

Just because I am in love with you

I am never alone because you are there

In each moment of everything I do

Every time I am with you

I just want to think of your love

Every time I am with you

I just want to think of you oh so much

 By.. Rebecca Dixon © Copywrite 1994

pale bkground page floral

pale bkground page floral

You are the flower, I am the vine.
I ove you so much, my heart is divine.
With a heart of petals and a stem of green.
I love you, but the flowers I’ve just seen.

You are the flower, You are the flower.
The roots of me grow all in power.
The leaves of my petals.
The leaves in the meadows.
The dreams I’ve dreamed.
The flower’s radiant beam.

The flower was beautiful shining over the hill.
It was scattered and torn of summer wind chills.
The flower grew and ran us in spring.
With the thorn, I picked up and what it brings.
Then a year later the petals fell off.
I will never forget you, I called you the soft.


By Rebecca Dixon © May 3, 2008

Baby, when I see your face again

You just place me under your spell

So I tell you how much I miss you

And I love you so why can’t you tell

Tell me what you want from me.

And I’ll tell you what I want from you.

Tell me what you want to say

And I’ll tell you what I want to do.

As you listen to your heart

The love has never been the same.

To feel your love passionately

As you whisper my name

I never really understood love

But now I am learning this.

I never really understood you

And now I can’t resist your kiss.

Talking to you and touching you

Your love makes me feel brand new.

Holding you and kissing you

Tell me baby, what you would do?

As we are lying in bed next to each other.

I am the queen of your fame.

To feel your touch over me all over

As you whisper my name.

I looked out my bedroom window.
As it began to rain
I was wishing for happiness.
The rain droplets were on the pane.

I was only five years old.
When I realized my life unfold.
I was hoping that it was not worst.
As my parents lost their home.

WE lived in a three room house.
All infested with mice and bugs.
The neigherhood was filled with drugs.
As there were prostitutes and thugs.

The children were muddy and dirty.
As the parents always push them away.
And they allowed them to fight.
For you never know what to say.

The kids were dangerous.
As they carried guns to school.
You never see the need.
Until the pain is pointed to you.

Rebecca Dixon